Smart, Connected Vehicles and the Impact on Fleet Operations

Tuesday, March 6, 9:30–10:45 a.m.

The influx of capturable equipment data (i.e., vehicle health updates, location and road conditions, driver behavior and operating parameters) requires fleet managers to evolve their strategies and routines. During this session, fleet experts will identify the features and characteristics of connected vehicles influencing management skills, techniques and requirements. Attendees will learn how the new information can be used to improve operating strategies for increasing fleet reliability and decreasing costs; real-time trend analysis to allow performance and reliability predictions; and diagnostic routines. The discussion will cover skills needed to effectively manage a data-rich environment, including the ability to identify important elements in a data array; recognize and create exception management procedures to prevent data overload; and develop communication tools and techniques for sharing important findings with fleet customers.

Moderated by: Claude Masters, Fleet Manager – Retired, Claude Masters Fleet Consulting
Presented by: Richard Battersby, Equipment Services Manager, City of Oakland; and Paul Rivera, President, Ricardo, Inc.