Delegated Assembly Provisions in GHG Phase Two — A Potential Game-Changer

Tuesday, March 14, 2:15–3:15 p.m.  

The delegated assembly provision in greenhouse gas (GHG) Phase Two regulations cites auxiliary power units, aerodynamic devices, hybrid components and natural gas fuel tanks. It opens possibilities for downstream converters and commercial vehicle upfitters to enter into contractual relationships with the certificate-holding manufacturer to account for any GHG-reducing fuel or technology being added to a vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency and industry experts will discuss the benefits and potential this unique provision offers the commercial vehicle industry.

Presented by: Ken McAlinden, Manager for On-Board Diagnostics and Regulatory Compliance, Ford Motor Company; Matt Spears, Center Director, Heavy-Duty Diesel Standards, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and Rob Stevens, VP Strategy and Engineering, ROUSH CleanTech

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