Pioneer Coverall launches new medium-duty roll tarp system at WTS17


Pioneer launched the HR2500 PowerGlide tarping system and completely revamped website at The PowerGlide rounds out Pioneer’s product line by providing a versatile and extremely durable solution for medium-duty applications.

Requiring less maintenance than electric systems, and boasting heavy-duty torsion springs that provide a 10- to 15-year service life, the PowerGlide is suitable for single and multi-axle roll-off hoists and slides forward and backward 24” to accommodate various size containers. The hydraulic system includes an adjustable gantry that moves 60” to 96”. 

The PowerGlide was designed to extend tarp life and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.  The system’s heavy-duty windscreen prevents whipping of the tarp, while the reinforced rear pocket provides increased tarp strength. The maintenance-free slider carriage bearings provide easy movement and will last the life of the system.

“From developing the incredibly strong and reliable Rack ‘n Pinion tarping system in the 70s to offering the industry’s best warranty and most experienced dealer and service network, Pioneer has always been the undisputed tarp system market leader,” said Chris Nicolazzo, general manager for tarps. “The new PowerGlide will allow us to address growing industry demand for medium-duty systems for the waste industry. We are happy to round out our product offering to provide the unparalleled expertise and value that are hallmarks of the Pioneer brand to a whole new set of customers.”                                 

The PowerGlide is easily installed in less than eight hours through Pioneer’s extensive dealer and service center network. The product also comes with standard steel arms and offers an industry-leading three-year warranty.

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