Buyers Products introduces new products at WTS17


Buyers Products introduced the new SaltDogg XD Series Spreaders, Slide Out truck bed box line, and new SaltDogg Generation II plows. 

Buyers Products Introduces New SaltDogg® XD Series Spreaders
The new SaltDogg® XD2000 and XD2500 series spreaders are a next generation approach to ice management.

The XD series’ rugged design features a swing-away, high-flow chute for bulk spreading and unloading. The patented hopper design boasts double-walled, polyethylene construction with a 2.0 (XD2000) and 2.5 (XD2500) cubic yard capacity. The XD series spreaders are available with a full-length auger or a 12-inch pintle chain feed mechanism.

The XD2000 series spreaders are designed to suit full-size pickup trucks while the XD2500 is suited to larger applications. The new line features top screens and stainless steel inverted V’s as well as a standard fitted tarp with integral tie-downs for easy installation and material protection.

“The XD line of spreaders is engineered with our customers in mind,” said Dave Zelis, director of sales and marketing at Buyers Products. “They combine strength and resilience with aesthetics to excel in every weather condition.”

Buyers Products Introduces Slide Out Truck Bed Box Line
The new Slide Out Truck Bed Box line is specifically engineered for truck beds. The slide out truck bed boxes boast a reinforced box design that fits comfortably in truck beds for easy access to tools. With a smooth aluminum construction and a rain-gutter design, these toolboxes provide year-round durability and protection. A push-button locking latch releases the drawer easily, which automatically locks in position every eight inches to control drawer motion. Movable partitions and dividers provide industry-leading configurability for a wide range of tools and hardware.

“Our New Slide Out Truck Bed Box was built with all of the strength and durability Buyers’ boxes are known for,” said Scott Kalanish, senior project engineer. “We really wanted to focus on a design that provided a lightweight framework with an industry-leading weight capacity.”   

The slide out truck bed boxes are offered in a multitude of sizes, precisely to fit any work truck model or need.

Buyers Products Introduces New SnowDogg® Generation II Plows
The new SnowDogg® Generation II plow line with updates evolve their most popular plow styles.

The Generation II plow line update includes a 20 percent expanded ground clearance as well as an increased stack and transport height for excellent snow stacking. Along with these improvements, Buyers specifically engineered new prop feet for easy dismount. Easy installation is assured with a new, single-piece chain lift and improved harness. New LED plow lights and a welded light bar design provide improved line of sight, and an improved A-frame optimizes support and balance. 

“The brand new Generation II SnowDogg line is an exciting new update of our current VXF and HD/EX plows,” said Scott Moorman, director of engineering at Buyers Products. “They take SnowDogg’s durable style and peak performance to the next level.”

The new VXF and HD/EX models are built to fit current SnowDogg mounting patterns allowing for easy transition. An easily removable panel provides for simple maintenance of the Generation II plows and the hand-held remote increases functionality.

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