Chelsea Products Div. of Parker discusses product line up at WTS17


Chelsea Products Div. of Parker discussed several innovative products during a press conference at WTS17.

249 Series PTO
The Smart Start design option is solving the spike torque issues that are on higher start up inertia’s applications such as mobile air compressor applications. The Smart Start manages the system pressure that is used to engage the PTO’s clutch pack enabling it to absorb the torque spikes from the air compressor applications and provide a smooth engagement, free from the equipment damaging shock loads found on these types of applications. In addition, the Smart Start helps to protect the transmission by preventing the spike torque from being transferred downstream into the transmission. Combine this with Chelsea’s noise reduction
system that reduces the torsional noise levels and you have an unbeatable combination that solves your driven equipment challenges.

823 Series PTO
For ultimate performance the 823 Series features high capacity bearings and superior gear designs that will provide you with an increased torque rating up to 750 lbs. ft. The superior design of this PTO provides you with all the power you will need for heavy duty applications. From the high torque requirements of pneumatic blowers for bulk transport trucks to mechanical winches and everything in between. The 823 Series is an 8-Bolt Power Take-Off. It features four shift options. The seven internal gear ratios provide you with a wide variety of speeds to meet all your application requirements. Seven output options on the 823 Series range from companion flanges for remote mounted equipment to SAE “C” direct mount flanges and shafts. Versatility, power, ease of maintenance and installation make the 823 Series the only choice for your vocational truck requirements.

Parker Hannifin tube fitting technology provides CNG fuel system application compatibility to vocational trucks
The Tube Fittings Division (TFD) of Parker Hannifin Corporation expanded its Seal-Lok™ O-ring face seal tube fitting line in response to the vital push toward environmental sustainability. Seal-Lok for compressed natural gas (CNG) is ideal for vocational trucks with CNG fuel systems. Seal-Lok for CNG provides reliable fuel conveyance in natural gas applications using an elastomeric seal compound specifically designed to address the needs of the market. The compound improves ozone resistance and supports wider temperature range requirements. It’s also fully certified by TUV for NGV 3.1-2014/CSA 12.3-2014, ECE R110, and ISO 15500 for on-vehicle CNG applications.

“Natural gas produces 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel fuel, making it an ideal alternative fuel for a diverse range of industry applications,” said Ted Amling, senior project engineer, Parker Hannifin Tube Fittings Division. “The Seal-Lok CNG O-ring face seal tube fittings have been the preferred fittings for CNG applications for several years. Now the recent seal enhancements will provide increased value and reliability.”

Available in tube and hose sizes ranging from ¼" to ¾" (6 mm to 20 mm), Seal-Lok technology enhances the performance and reliability of O-Ring face seal SAE J1453 connections. The technology makes Seal-Lok for CNG ideal for high-vibration, on-vehicle applications where metal-to-metal sealing falters.

Key features and advantages of Seal-Lok for CNG applications include:
  • Available in stainless steel and XTR-plated (zinc nickel) steel
  • Temperature compatibility of -40° to 300°F (-40° to 150°C)
  • Produces zero clearance for easy plumbing
  • Unlimited reusability due to easily replaceable O-Ring
  • Port options include SAE J1926-1/ISO 6149-1 straight thread ports and NPT tapered ports
  • Tested and certified by TUV according to ECER110 regulations (Economic Commission for Europe), ANSI NGV 3.1-2014/CSA 12.3-2014 (Natural Gas Vehicles/Canadian Standards Association) and ISO 15500

Parker Hannifin expands Seal-Lok flat face seal fitting line to target extreme-temperature LNG fuel systems vocational trucks
TFD of Parker Hannifin Corporation introduced Seal-Lok™ Xtreme at WTS17, for LNG fuel system applications. This flat face seal tube fitting is equipped with a patented metal sealing ring that makes it ideal for applications where typical elastomeric sealing is not a possibility due to extreme temperature.

Seal-Lok Xtreme has been extensively tested for thermal cycle and shock, and has performed well with helium mass spectrometer and gas pressure leak testing. This Parker innovation achieves superior tube and hose connections at working pressures of up to 5,850 psi with temperatures as low as -328°F (-200°C) and as high as 1,200°F (650°C).

Key benefits of the Seal-Lok Xtreme fitting include resistance to over tightening, vibration resistant, zero clearance (for easy plumbing), unlimited reusability, and reduced galling potential due to special dry film lubricated nuts.

“Applications such as liquid natural gas (LNG) often pose challenges to a tube fitting’s elastomeric sealing,” said Ted Amling, senior project engineer, Parker Hannifin Tube Fittings Division. “Rather than using a standard sealing ring, Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings utilize a patented metal sealing ring that improves sealing dependability against the severe temperature or chemical compatibility issues that reduce the life of elastomeric seals,” he added.

Parker breakthrough in plating on hydraulic tube fittings and adapters offers longer corrosion resistance for long term financial savings for vocational truck market
Parker Hannifin Corporation enhanced their trusted tube fittings and adapters with ToughShield (TS1000) plating, which keeps fittings rust free up to 1,000 hours, according to ASTM B117 neutral salt spray tests.

This superior coating is the result of years of investment in metallurgical and surface analysis capabilities. Longer corrosion resistance results in financial savings for vocational trucks that are exposed to harsh environments where stainless steel fittings were once the only solution.

 “Our latest advancement in high corrosion resistance plating comes from two main components: dedicated efforts and robust chemistry and processes,” said Parker Tube Fitting Division Technology Development Leader Dr. Dawn Zhu. “These two elements keep us on the cutting edge. It will take our competition years to catch up to where we are today.”

Parker’s TS1000 plating retains torque values, coefficients of friction, pressure ratings, color and other critical specifications important to customers, while improving fitting corrosion-resistance in harsh conditions. Parker’s differentiation is robust plating chemicals and processes that truly outperform other fitting manufacturers.

Parker TS1000 also fights against additional critical issues that can lead to loss of time and revenue in mobile and industrial applications, including:
  • System contamination
  • Potential leaks
  • Fitting connection problems
  • Aesthetic quality concerns

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