VMAC launches direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor at WTS17


VMAC launched its DTM (direct-transmission mounted) PTO driven air compressor for the Ford F-250 to F-750 Super Duty 6.7L Power Stroke diesel 4x2 and 4x4 work truck with TorqShift™ Automatic Transmission. This is the first commercial product of its kind in the world. 

The system features VMAC's patented 70 CFM rotary screw air compressor with VMAC Lifetime Warranty, an application-engineered mounting kit for easy installation, push-button controls for easy operation, lightweight components to reduce truck GVW, under-deck mounting to free up deck space, and an integrated automatic heater to allow the system to work in both extreme hot and cold climates across North America. 

“As the global leader in advanced mobile air compressor systems VMAC continues to expand its product line to meet the growing needs of its customers,” said Gordon Duval, vice president of marketing and sales, VMAC.  

The compressor system features easy to use controls; simply press the on/off button on the digital control box and the system will take care of the rest.  The PTO engages, the compressor turns on, and the throttle control automatically idles the truck engine up and down to match air demand.  “Being a Canadian manufacture means that we know the cold and what it takes for air compressors to work in extreme conditions,” said Duval.  For cold climate operation, the DTM includes a built-in heater that automatically warms up the air compressor on the way to the job site.

In addition to the ease of use, the DTM is easy to install. “VMAC is the first to offer a PTO driven air compressor that mounts directly to the transmission, eliminating the complex and time consuming installation of traditional underdeck air compressor systems,” said Duval.

“We’ve heard from our customers that installation time for the VMAC DTM air compressor on Ford diesel 4x4 trucks is 50 percent faster than install times with traditional under deck air compressors. Duval continued, “Traditional underdeck systems are extremely heavy, are challenged with ground clearance, and require modification of the Ford transfer case on 4x4 models, all of which adds up to significant time and expense for installers.”

By mounting the PTO directly to the truck’s transmission, no drive shafts are required to cause alignment issues.  VMAC mounting kits are application engineered for Ford diesel trucks and include all the necessary components for an easy and professional installation, so no sourcing of additional components is required. 

“With up to 70 CFM of continuous air flow available, the DTM provides enough air power to run a one-inch impact gun or even a 90lb pavement breaker,” shared Duval.  VMAC DTM air compressors are the best choice for customers who need to save cargo space, reduce truck GVW, minimize maintenance requirements, and improve air compressor installations.  Customers who choose VMAC’s DTM air compressor are involved with truck upfitting, commercial tire mobile servicing, utility servicing, and heavy equipment repair. 

“We’re very proud of this product announcement and look forward to showcasing the product at this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show. It underscores our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations by continually evolving our advanced air solutions to help them reduce expenses, improve productivity and grow their bottom line,” Duval concluded.

For more information, visit vmacair.com/dtm.