Tomorrowland Today: The Future of Diesel Technology and Biodiesel for Work Trucks

Wednesday, March 6
9:30–10:45 a.m.

Multiple studies show diesel engines will continue to be the industry’s preferred workhorses for many years to come. So, how can fleets make an immediate improvement in their environmental impact as well as invest wisely for the future? Biodiesel is America’s Advanced Biofuel — available here and now, from coast to coast — helping fleets reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, manage costs and optimize performance using existing and new diesel equipment without modification. Industry experts and fleets will share why biodiesel is the smart fuel choice for a greener tomorrow and give practical tips for putting it to work in your fleet today.

Moderated by: Jennifer Weaver, OEM Market Development Manager, National Biodiesel Board 

Presented by: Colin Huwyler, Chief Executive Officer, Optimus Technologies; Pete Probst, President, Indigenous Energy/Chicago Park District; and Jon Scharingson, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Renewable Energy Group