WTS20 preventative measures

Updated on 3/25/20

Given the timing of The Work Truck Show 2020, held March 3-6, NTEA continues to monitor reports from the state of Indiana and the Indiana Convention Center for the health and safety of all event participants. At this time, we have no official information from the Centers for Disease Control and Indiana State Board of Health regarding occurrences of COVID-19 from people at the event. If we learn of any official occurrences of COVID-19 from these organizations, we will communicate that information in a timely manner.

Below are just a few of the preventative measures taken during the event

  • Registration counters, kiosks and session rooms and other high-traffic areas were regularly sanitized.
  • Hand sanitizer stations and restrooms for handwashing were available throughout Indiana Convention Center. Regular use by all attendees, exhibitors and staff was practiced.
  • Indiana Convention Center, along with IU Health, provided all first-aid and EMT services on-site at the Show.
Stay informed

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