Exhibitor live demo faqs

If you have a live demo included in your package, but have NOT scheduled one, we encourage to do so as soon as possible to get the most exposure on the event schedule. Once you have scheduled the demo, you can test the features and functions, which are essential to catching and troubleshooting any issues in advance. Questions? Contact Kyle Plymesser.

Can I test my demo prior to the live presentation?
Yes. We highly recommend testing well in advance of your live presentation to ensure all equipment works properly. You will be able to conduct three test demos and share the link for each test presentation with two colleagues. They can then watch from the attendee side and provide feedback. You will also be able to view the recording of the test once you have ended the presentation. Click here to learn more about live demo testing.

How long can my presentation be?
Your presentation can be up to 15 minutes long.

Does the presentation automatically start at the scheduled time?
No, it will not automatically start. As the presenter you will need to log into your planner and start the presentation by clicking on the “Start Presentation” button. You can start the presentation up to 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. As soon as you start the presentation, it will be live to the audience. Click here to learn more about starting your presentation.

How many assets can I upload for my presentation?
One presenter can upload a total of 10 assets which can be videos and/or images. If a presenter has more than one live demo scheduled and has more than 10 assets, he/she will need to remove assets prior to uploading more. Click here to learn more about uploading assets.

What are the specs for the video and image assets I can upload?
Images: Images are limited to the following types: .png .jpg .jpeg. Images with a width and/or height greater than 1020 pixels will be resized.
Videos: Videos are limited to a duration of 15 minutes. Videos with a resolution greater than 720p will be resized. Accepted video types: .mp4 .webm .ogg .mov .wmv

For the demos, can we have multiple presenters with computers alternating who is sharing/presenting?
No, you cannot. There is only one presenter per demo. If you want to have multiple people involved, this can be added as a pre-recorded video you upload into your assets. Click here to learn more about assigning a presenter.

What kind of device can I use for the presentation?
Computers/laptops with high quality cameras are recommended. Android smartphones and tablets can be used to control the presentation; however, iOS phones and tablets will NOT provide full functionality and should not be used.

What browser do I need to use for my presentation?
We recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 
*Internet Explorer is NOT compatible and is not supported*

Am I able to see who is viewing the presentation?
Yes, from the presenter page, in the ‘Attendees' tab, you're able to see the list of attendees who are currently in the presentation.

As the presenter, do I have to answer all of the questions in the group chat?
The presenter is able to jump in and answer questions in the chat at any time. In addition, any other team members of yours, who are also listed as online contacts for your company, can join the presentation from the attendee side and participate in the chat to assist with answering questions. They will be highlighted in the chat to identify them as a contact from your team.

What if we don't have time to read and answer all of the questions. Will there be a transcript of the chat available?
Yes, after the presentation, your company's primary contact will have access to download the transcript from the exhibitor dashboard.

Is it a two-way video chat during the demos?
No, it's one-way. The attendees will see what you're sharing (web cam, screen or assets), but you will not see any video/screens from the audience. You will see the list of who has joined, and any messages entered in the group chat.

Can we record our demo?
All demos are recorded automatically. After the demo, the primary contact for your company will be able to log in to the exhibitor dashboard, view the recording and publish to your online listing (if desired). They will then have the option to publish the recording of the live demo or any of the test demos you've conducted.

Is there a maximum number of people who can attend a demo?
The maximum capacity for a demo is 250 people.