ASA Electronics introduces six-channel rear sensor system at WTS19


ASA Electronics continues their commitment to creating innovative safety solutions with the Voyager® CVPS19 Rear Sensor System. The newest addition to our selection of proximity sensor systems offers six-channel capability. The CVPS19 system comes standard with four sensors to be installed along the rear bumper or body of the vehicle.

Please note: Monitor sold separately 

Two additional sensors can be added to the base system to detect obstructions along the roofline like awnings, signs, and low-hanging tree branches.

This rear sensor system was engineered with commercial vehicles in mind, to add an extra layer of safety and security when backing. The CVPS19 seamlessly integrates with any Voyager observation system. The sensor module can connect to our Voyager monitors and Jensen touchscreen stereos with a camera input.

The module provides a clear, easy to read overlay displayed on the monitor screen to give the driver visual ques when the vehicle gets too close to other objects. This updated onscreen display is designed to limit obstruction of the camera view while still providing important safety information. In addition to the visual alerts on screen, the CVPS19 also provides audible alerts through the monitor speakers.

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