Brand FX Body Company displays Ultimate FX at WTS19


BrandFX developed the UltimateFX, an all-new, all-composite service body + understructure combination, giving fleets a lightweight, corrosion-free service truck that’s tough as steel. 

As the only all-composite service body + understructure combination on the road, the UltimateFX is also the industry’s lightest. The significant weight reduction delivers long-term savings by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Additionally, the unique all-composite construction means the UltimateFX stays in pristine condition longer, for a sleek and professional appearance that’s easy to maintain.

The UltimateFX all-composite body + understructure offers the greatest life cycle value available on the market. This patented, innovative combination is lighter than aluminum, yet meets the same standards of toughness as steel. All these benefits come together to provide service fleets the strength, flexibility and long-lasting performance needed to handle the toughest jobs in the roughest conditions.

The UltimateFX is built to handle the harshest environments while maintaining its durability and high-strength performance. The unique proprietary manufacturing process features zero-corrosion, zero-oxidation composite construction, providing maximum weather resistance that prevents rust and similar forms of deterioration. This innovative process guarantees BrandFX maintains complete control over product quality and material consistency, all while exceeding environmental safety standards.

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