Buller Engineering Products discusses RazerLift at WTS19


Buller Engineering Products detailed the patented RazerLift, the next generation of vehicle cargo management. The powered and automated system provides the best cargo accessibility and best cargo flexibility on the market, all with the press of a button.

No overhead loading, unloading or operation
Load cargo at vehicle mirror height
Reduces back injuries and muscle strain associated with exertion and overexertion
Eliminates slip and fall hazards from climbing on bumper or tire
Feet stay safely on the ground

Fully Automated
Hand held remote
All with the push of a button

Cargo Flexibility
Virtually limitless cargo configurations
Customizable with bolt-to channels
150 lb lifting capacity per side

Increased Capacity
Base unit occupies half of vehicle roof
Potential for additional capacity by upgrading to a two-sided configuration
Doubles cargo carrying potential

Easy Installation
Industry-standard t-slot design
Fits any commercial van
Industry-standard electrical installation
Designed to integrate with existing vehicle infrastructure
A single allen key is all that’s needed for the mechanical pre-assembly

For more information, visit razerlift.com.