KEITH discusses WalkBox horizontal unloader at WTS19


After spending more than 45 years perfecting the fast, safe, horizontal unloading of a full-size semi-trailer, KEITH is downsizing its WALKING FLOOR® system. KEITH introduces the WalkBox™ horizontal unloader, right-sized for small truck chassis.

The KEITH® WalkBox™ horizontal unloader is a moving floor system installed on a standard cab/chassis, creating a safe, convenient and versatile unloader. It incorporates WALKING FLOOR® technology, which is a series of floor slats powered by a hydraulic drive that “walks” material out the back of the truck body, with no tipping. Unlike a typical dump or tipping unit, the WalkBox system safely unloads under utility cables and trees, as well as inside buildings.

“It’s a perfect unloader for anyone working in industries such as landscaping or delivering shavings for animal bedding,” says KEITH sales representative Jeremy York. “You can drive right into a building where the load needs to be. There’s no need to worry about the bed tipping up catching power lines or trees.”

With a multi-ton capacity, the WalkBox™ system easily handles bulk, baled and palletized goods. Because the horizontal unloading can be controlled, unlike the all-or-nothing action of a dump box, the WalkBox™ system can consistently meter material out the back or deliver partial loads.

The WalkBox™ unloader installs onto virtually any truck chassis and is ideal for uses in landscaping, farming, nurseries, golf courses, road maintenance and any other application where a smaller footprint is needed. In ecologically sensitive areas, the WalkBox™ can deliver sand, gravel and fill that cannot be served by larger vehicles.

The KEITH WalkBox™ Unloader was recently selected as a winner for the 2019 World Ag Expo Top-10 New Products Competition. For a complete list of winners, visit:

KEITH has built WALKING FLOOR® unloaders since 1973 and has provided systems for installation in semi-trailers for handling waste, agricultural commodities and wood products for decades. The WalkBox™ system brings reliable and durable WALKING FLOOR® technology to customers interested in smaller applications.

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