Go Power! discusses pallet jack and liftgate solar charging solution improvements at WTS19


Go Power! builds on its best-selling solar charging system with new and improved components. Building on industry feedback, the innovative charging solution has been fortified for the harsh demands of the trucking industry.

“When we saw dead liftgate and pallet jack batteries were a wide-spread issue, we created a solution that was easy to install and practical for use in the field,” Sean O’Connor, Business Development Manager for the Work Truck division said. “Now, that solution is even more robust, and built for the harsh demands of the field.”

The new and improved Dual Charging System (DCS) now includes:
  • A lightweight, durable aluminum sheet metal enclosure
  • A manual solar disconnect switch
  • 24V pallet jack disconnect switch
  • Cut-to-length wire for easier installation
  • Top-of-the-line vibration resistance
  • Improved functionality
Even with these upgrades, the easy to install DCS is a fraction of the cost of comparable solar charging systems. Minimal modifications are required to the truck or trailer and only basic tools are needed to secure the solar panels and to wire them into the truck’s electrical system.

The DCS uses solar to solve many common battery problems truck operators face daily. Topping off liftgate and pallet jack batteries with solar extends the life of the batteries from months to years. According to the American Trucking Associations, in 2015, trucks in the USA consumed 54.3 billion gallons of fuel used for business purposes. And, diesel fuel is often the second highest expense for motor carriers after labor, accounting for as much as 20% of the total operating cost. The DCS eliminates the need for idling while operating a liftgate, saving up to $25-40 per day in fuel costs. Less power-related downtime also translates to more on-time deliveries and satisfied customers.

Go Power’s flexible, low-profile solar modules produces excellent power–even in low light situations–and take up much less room on the roof than conventional solar modules. The modular design allows for easy expansion if required for service routes in limited daylight geographic locations. The Go Power! panels are a mere 1/8-inch thick and are 82% lighter weight than glass. They deliver continuous battery charging for both the liftgate and the pallet jack while driving or parked. With a standard 5-year warranty and 2-year ROI, they are an investment in fuel efficiency, extended battery life and reduced service calls.

The first of its kind, the DCS was engineered specifically for charging both liftgate and pallet jack batteries. The Auto Switching Power Control unit, initially released in 2018, allows the DCS to automatically switch from charging pallet jacks to liftgates, depending on what is plugged in to the unit. The DCS saves time and reduces fuel costs by making deliveries more efficient.

For more information or to receive contract pricing contact Go Power today, visit solar.gopowerfleet.com/2019-dcs.