KEITH Manufacturing Co discusses Freight Runner Conveyor at WTS20


KEITH Manufacturing Co. detailed their Freight Runner Light Transit (LT) conveyor. The LT system easily installs into the truck bed or van box with minimal modifications. Designed to improve the working environment for drivers, the Freight Runner® system is ideal for lumber/building supply companies, delivery services and contractors that are looking to boost efficiency.

Systems quickly unload materials in the field without the need for additional equipment, such as pallet jacks or forklifts. The Freight Runner® LT system allows better fleet utilization by providing alternatives to sending out full-size vehicles for small deliveries. Loads can be dropped off at worksites in minutes with a push of a button, easily entering confined areas not accessible to larger vehicles.

The Freight Runner® LT system can also help maximize available staff resources by speeding up the delivery process and expanding who can make deliveries. Because the Freight Runner® LT system is specifically designed for medium and light-duty vehicles, drivers do not require a CDL. Automating the loading/unloading process also reduces the physical lifting requirements for employees.

Running off 12-volt power, the Freight Runner® has a weight capacity starting at 2,000 lbs. The “drop-in” design makes installation simple, with minimal vehicle modifications required.

The system uses a simple and intuitive wireless control system for fast and easy operation, while keeping the operator out of the hazardous unloading zone.

The Freight Runner® consists of a chain and runner combination that gently conveys palletized/unitized cargo. It is designed for lasting durability and low maintenance. The rail system is made of heavy-duty extrusions and the high quality 60-2 roller chain has no complex tensioning systems.

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